Tighter Skin Without Surgery – Try Morpheus8™

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Our skin becomes less plump and vibrant over time. You may experience typical aging problems like wrinkles and loose skin. Other people experience issues like poor skin texture and acne scars. At Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics, we can enhance your overall complexion without plastic surgery. Morpheus8 is one of the new technologies that many people feel refreshes their skin, leaving it rejuvenated and younger looking.

Morpheus8 combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) waves to produce new collagen and create smooth skin. Dr. Allyson Berkey is proud to offer a range of options to personalize your treatment. This includes using the exceptional Rejuvapen® microneedling device and Meso injections to deliver product intradermally.

So, what is Morpheus8, and how does the skin tightening process work? All of these details and more can be explained when you set up an appointment at our facility in Newport Beach, CA. We can help you make the most of your skin rejuvenation treatment.

Who should get nonsurgical skin tightening?

Collagen production decreases as we age, starting in our 30s. The result is skin that seems less firm or smooth. Factors like sun damage and smoking can also lead to skin problems, like discoloration and rough skin texture. Men and women sometimes turn to plastic surgery to treat wrinkled skin and other issues.

However, not everyone is ready for invasive measures like facelift surgery. Nonsurgical skin tightening is a low-risk way to achieve a smoother appearance. Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics offers the following benefits when you schedule Morpheus8 RF microneedling in Newport Beach, CA:

  • Little to no downtime required for recovery

  • Less extensive than plastic surgery

  • No surgical scars

  • Smooth out wrinkles

  • Address other common signs of aging

What is Morpheus8?

Many people turn to RF microneedling because of loose skin from pregnancy, recent weight loss, or natural aging. So what is Morpheus8? Morpheus8 delivers radiofrequency waves that contract the deep layers of the skin and stimulate new collagen. Patients will notice results in the following months after their initial appointment. Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics may schedule additional sessions as needed.

Before beginning Morpheus8 treatment, we first need to determine whether this technology is right for you. Our professionals can perform an assessment and learn about your concerns and goals. Skin tightening works best on those in good health and mild to moderate loose skin. Individuals with severe loose or hanging skin may require plastic surgery. We can let you know what methods will work best when you come in for an examination.

How facial rejuvenation is performed

Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics provides custom treatment options based on your needs. For example, a comprehensive, individualized plan may involve microneedling with Natural Injection therapy, chemical peels, and supplements for best results.

Smooth out wrinkles and more

Whether you are interested in RF microneedling or another cosmetic procedure, patients should feel confident in the team providing their care. Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics is excited to offer state-of-the-art technologies in a welcoming environment. Meet with Dr. Allyson Berkey to learn about the benefits of Morpheus8 on wrinkled and loose skin in Newport Beach, CA.

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