Will PRP Therapy Help My Hair Grow Back Thicker?

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One problem that many people have when trying to grow back their hair is that the new hair is thin. The good news is that there’s an innovative option you can use to get your hair to grow back thicker and stronger. Dr. Allyson Berkey and the experts at Beyond Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics in Newport Beach, CA are proud to offer PRP therapy to help you with your hair restoration needs.

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy is a practice where your body’s platelet-rich plasma is injected into the scalp or another area where you desire more hair. The procedure helps restore the hair and causes it to grow back thicker. The procedure is simple, convenient, and provides outstanding results.

How does PRP therapy work?

The PRP therapy procedure starts with a doctor drawing blood from your body, which is then placed in a centrifuge device that separates the platelet-rich plasma from other parts of the blood. After the PRP is separated and purified, it is then injected into the area where you require hair growth. Dr. Berkey can review the specific areas on the scalp where the injections are necessary.

The whole procedure takes about an hour, on average. It is also safe because the process uses your body’s natural plasma components. The risk of you developing any allergic reactions or other concerns surrounding the process will be minimal. The effort also requires no downtime, although it can take a few weeks for you to notice the best results from the therapy.

What makes PRP therapy useful?

Our team at Beyond Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics in Newport Beach, CA can provide this procedure to help you grow healthy and beautiful hair. The procedure triggers an increase in blood flow to the hair follicles. The effort stimulates the follicles to promote stronger hair growth. In addition to the hair growing more efficiently, the hair shaft will become thicker. The tissue is strong enough to handle most functions, making it capable of growing better.

How often will I require an injection?

The timeframe for how often you’ll require an injection will vary over how your body responds to the treatment. You’ll require at least three PRP injections at the start, with each one about 1 - – 2 months apart. You’ll also need a maintenance injection twice a year on average to ensure the procedure still works.

Each injection will require a new blood sample. The procedure does not require much blood in the process, so it shouldn’t be too rough on your body.

Contact us today to learn about how PRP therapy can restore your hair

You won’t have to worry about your hair becoming weak when you use PRP therapy. Our professionals at Beyond Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics in Newport Beach, CA will be there to serve your unique needs. Ask Dr. Allyson Berkey and the rest of the team about how PRP therapy can work for you. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn about our service and how you can benefit from PRP hair restoration.

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