COVID-19 Update from Dr. Berkey


Hi everybody,

First let me say, … this is all so surreal! We are following the medical news about COVID-19. The health and safety of everyone, including my staff, is of utmost importance.

In these unprecedented times, Beyond is offering all our clients to reschedule their appointments if desired. Of course, if you are sick, or in close contact with any elderly or immunocompromised people, I ask that you do cancel and we will notify you when the office is allowed to fully open again. Starting March 25, we will be on skeleton staff with just myself in the office. The office will be completely closed until further notice, except for appointments, which can be scheduled via email.

Beyond is strictly following all orders and recommendations from the health department for your safety. Should you decide to keep your appointment, it will be completely sanitized and no other patients in the office.

Please reach out via email rather than call.

I hope that this event is not causing too much anxiety in your life. Stay calm and follow real medical authorities. It looks like a vaccine is in trials (which I don’t recommend) and that the severity of the illness is abated by Chloroquine and some anti-virals used for HIV. It is important to note that 92% (or more) of people who contract this virus follow a benign clinical course.

In closing, take care of yourself and each other. I saw this somewhere – it is one of my favorite sayings: “This too shall pass.”

I’ll see you soon,

Dr. Berkey