Exosomes are a vital element of regeneration.  Our Regenerative Medicine clinic in Newport Beach exclusively uses the purest, highest quality exosomes from healthy umbilical cord stem cell lines.

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What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are non-cellular products, made in vivo by stem cells.  They are microvesicles carrying growth factors and nucleic acids that promote healing and alleviate aging of senescent cells.  Being non-cellular, they do not have the properties to cause a rejection reaction like “graft versus host”.  Liveyon exosome product contains over 100 Billion exosomes per 5ml, remaining active for up to 14 days.  The exosomes release growth factors and prompt your own stem cells to activate and begin regeneration in the damaged area.

How are Exosomes used?

Exosomes are applied topically after microneedling or by injection to skin, scalp, soft tissue injury, or joint. Because they are produced by stem cells, they are used similarly for skin rejuvenation, wound repair, soft tissue injuries, joint problems and more. The difference between exosomes and stem cells is that exo’s are not live cells so they don’t have the ability to proliferate. They are active up to 14 days with repair and regenerative functions.

Are there different qualities?

Quality and source of the product determines production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, nerve growth factor, and stem cell growth factor.  Exosomes from umbilical cord stem cells have been shown to have better anti-inflammatory activity and higher regenerative potential.

Where do they come from?

Beyond Regenerative uses exosomes derived from a pure stem cell line of umbilical cord blood origin.  These provide the highest level of cellular regeneration.



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