Chemical Peels

  • Skin Smoothing

  • Texture Improvement

Chemical Peels refresh and rejuvenate dull lifeless skin with our specialty chemical peels. A combination of exfoliating agents, chemical peels do wonders for skin texture, a must to revive your skin.

ZO Stimulator Peel

  • Revives Skin
  • 30 minute peel
  • No down time

Skin Brightening Treatment

  • For pigment-related issues – dark spots, uneven skin tone
  • 50 minute peel

ZO Invisapeel – Intensive Resurfacing Peel

  • Provides epidermal renewal via sloughing, and dermal stimulation
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Includes 4-week skin preparation before the peel
  • Followed by at-home conditioning treatments that produce longer lasting results

Ultra Hydration Masque and Peel

  • For dry, dehydrated skin
  • 50 minute treatment
  • No down time

ZO Hand Renewal Treatment

  • For aging hands
  • 30 minute treatment

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