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Hair loss is a frustrating issue that is prominent among men and women of many ethnicities and backgrounds. A number of factors can contribute to hair thinning, such as illness, taking certain medications, and genetics. To combat hair loss and help you gain thicker, fuller hair, Dr. Allyson Berkey is pleased to provide a range of options for men and women alike at Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics. Using nonsurgical techniques, we are able to design treatment plans to address your unique type and pattern of hair loss and thinning. If you're considering hair restoration treatments, reach out to our office in Newport Beach, CA and schedule your confidential consultation.


At Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics, Dr. Berkey and her team utilize nonsurgical techniques to strengthen and reinforce the hair follicles, encouraging an improvement in hair growth and thickness. During a consultation, we will create a personalized treatment plan to target your unique hair loss or thinning needs. Some of the techniques we may incorporate into your treatment plan may include:

  • PRP therapy
  • Stem cell treatment
  • Exosomes therapy with microneedling

Each of these approaches is uniquely designed to stimulate collagen growth within the scalp and help you enjoy a fuller head of hair.


Having thinning hair can be a huge cause of insecurity for men and women alike. Thankfully, our team at Beyond Regenerative Medicine & Aesthetics offers a wide range of techniques that are personalized to address your unique situation, improve your hair growth and quality, and achieve your goals. Schedule an appointment at our office in Newport Beach, CA with Dr. Berkey to learn about your options.

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