Stem Cell Therapies

Stem Cell Treatments

  • Facial Rejuvenation w/ microneedling

  • Hair Thinning (scalp)

  • Intra – Nasal (improve focus and mental clarity)

  • Penile injection for ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

  • IV Therapy – reduce overall body inflammation

Stem cells are attracted to areas of inflammation and injury where they have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.  Responding to signals from areas of inflammation and stressed cells, stem cells go where they are needed in your body, and secrete growth factors to stimulate repair and regeneration of tissue.

Regenerative Functions

Stem cells are live nucleated cells that respond to chemical signals of distress in your body – areas of pain, degeneration, recent injury or surgery. They work in that environment to decrease inflammation and promote production of collagen, elastin, new blood vessels and new healthy tissue.

Umbilical vs Autologous Cells

Cells derived from the umbilical cord (UC) are called an Allograft, while cells isolated from your own bone marrow or adipose tissue are Autologous. Studies show that UC cells have the benefits of being more active, have higher proliferation capacity, better anti-inflammatory activity, and free from DNA damage seen in senescent cells.

Benefits of a Live Cell

Live nucleated cells have the ability to secrete growth factors for a long period of time, unlike Exosomes that are not live cells so will function only for the half-life of the growth factor (hours to a few days).

Paracrine Signaling

Live nucleated cells are able to interact with other cells through Paracrine signaling, cell-to-cell communication with growth factors and nucleic acids that induce repair and regeneration.

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How does Stem Cell Therapy work?

Stem Cells are attracted to areas of inflammation and injury where they have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. This optimizes the cellular environment for tissue repair and regeneration.

How is treatment applied?

Stem cells are delivered topically, intranasally, IV infusion, intra-articular injection, soft tissue injection (tendon) or by meso-injection (scalp)

What does SCT do?

Our Stem cell treatments in Newport Beach are used in regenerative medicine for aging and degenerative conditions such as sun damage, wrinkles, hair loss, arthritis, injuries, erectile dysfunction and more.

Is Stem Cell Therapy safe?

Stem cells are immune-privileged, meaning they do not elicit an immune response.  SCT has a 20-year history of clinical trials and have demonstrated long-term safety.



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